In 2020, nearly every business owner we work with has had to pivot and adapt to the challenges that keep popping up. One of the things we admire most about our clients is their drive and dedication, and over these past 10 months, we’ve seen incredible sacrifice and unwavering perseverance from them. That’s why when Dr. Ted Lymer, owner of Lymer Vision, reached out to us for help with his SBA loan to open his new office, we were excited to work with him and thoroughly impressed by his patience and dedication to keep moving forward, despite what 2020 threw at him.

Read on to learn more about what it’s like to open a new office during a pandemic, and why Dr. Lymer is excited for the opportunity to do so.

Central Bank & Trust: How has it been running a medical office in the time of COVID-19?

Dr. Lymer: First and foremost, we wanted to make sure that we provided a safe environment for both our patients and our staff.  This was somewhat of a challenge early on as COVID-19 was a moving target.  We weren’t 100% sure of the exact transmission modality – was it through respiration alone or was it by touching inanimate objects that had the virus on it, etc.?  Should we stay at home on lockdown? Does everyone need to wear a mask or not (before the mandate)? Businesses were shuttered by order of the Governor and it was a challenge for all of us.

Currently, we are in a place where this is “business as usual”.  Washing hands has always been a constant but social distancing and patients wearing a mask has been a change.  This is our new norm – for the time being.  Like everyone else, we look forward to the day a vaccine is available so we can return to the old norm.  Albeit a new norm, one that will be different than pre-COVID, but one that is much better than where we are now in the midst of the pandemic.

CB&T: What makes your practice unique to others?

DL: The number one priority for everyone in our organization is to provide an amazing patient experience.  What is an amazing patient experience?  It’s one that you remember. An amazing experience is where each patient is at the center of our world.  This is achieved by focusing on each individual’s specific needs.  We take the time to understand why the patient is in our office, test appropriately, review all findings with the patient, and then we talk with our patient.  We make sure each person knows what we are doing so we can successfully meet, and when possible, exceed their expectations.  We do it in a language that makes sense.

We listen, we evaluate, we explain, and we care.  The saying in our office is, “Patients come for their eye care, but they stay because we care.”


CB&T: Why did you decide to open an office of your own?

DL: I moved to Colorado in 2013 after practicing for over 20 years in the Midwest.  Being new to Colorado Springs, I wanted to get a good feel for the community and where I fit in.  I leased space in a corporate setting so I could do exactly that, but the ultimate goal was always to open my own private facility.  The desire was to have a space that allows us to mold our care and products to meet our patients’ needs and to create an environment that was welcoming, open, and encompassed the “Colorado Feel”.

Lymer Vision

CB&T: Why did you choose Central Bank & Trust as your banking partner?

DL: As a matter of fact, Central Bank & Trust was recommended to me by another banker, from a different bank.  We were looking to do an SBA loan and we were under some tight timelines to get that accomplished.  The banker told me “CB&T is the best in the Springs at SBA’s.  Their success rate at helping small businesses such as yourself secure a loan is one of the best, if not the best in Colorado Springs.  And given your timelines, these guys are your best bet”.   Let me reiterate, this advice was from a banker from a competing bank.

He was 100% correct.  From the moment I stepped into Mark Maruszak’s office it was AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE!  How lucky was I that I found a bank that has the exact same belief as we do at our office- clients come first.

From that day forward Mark, Laura, Greg, and everyone at CB&T was on the job making sure things were done right and done on time down to the curbside closing during a pandemic.  They truly delivered on what they said they would and more.

Now we have our dream practice and we owe a big thanks to Mark and the entire CB&T team.  They really do deliver an amazing experience!

CB&T: Is there anything else you would like to add?

DL: In addition to great banking service, CB&T was able to go the extra mile with additional services, including business insurance.  I needed insurance for my facility and contents.  Mark made one phone call and that same afternoon Steve Schneider, President of CB Insurance, reached out to me.  Within 24 hours I had a proposal on my desk.  The proposal Steve provided was better than what I had sourced on my own making the decision an easy one.  Plus, Steve was great to work with and very accommodating with my busy schedule.

I now have all my banking and business needs managed under one roof.  It’s awesome. Like I said earlier.  Great people, great service, and an amazing experience!

To learn more about Dr. Lymer’s practice, you can visit his website at Click here to learn more about our SBA lending expertise and connect with one of our team members today.