Having a branch in downtown Colorado Springs allows us the opportunity to work closely with veterans who have turned Colorado Springs from a posting into their long-term home. Today, on Veterans Day, we want to highlight one such veteran who not only turned Colorado Springs into his home but has also built a successful business in our community. Read on to learn more about Mark Sisco and his business Concrete Craft.

Central Bank & Trust (CB&T): Please explain your background prior to starting Concrete Craft.

Concrete Craft (CC): Prior to starting Concrete Craft, I spent 26 wonderful years in service to our great nation as a military officer and army aviator.  I was fortunate enough to spend time in a multitude of locations and assignments while serving in various command and staff positions both domestic and international.  As I transitioned from military service, I wanted to pursue a business outside the government channels where I could continue to bring the same sense of service and pride to my customers within the Colorado Springs area.

CB&T: What pushed you to start Concrete Craft and what was the appeal?

CC: Growing up I worked in various construction trades and always envisioned myself returning to the field with the opportunity to exercise my creative imagination, working with my hands and delivering quality installs, products, and service to my customers.  It gives me great joy and a strong sense of pride following a successful install of our products and service for my customers.

CB&T: What is one thing you want the public to know about Concrete Craft?

CC: That we are a company of absolute honesty and integrity that consistently delivers outstanding service and products to our customers.  We remain committed to establishing an enduring relationship with our customer base.

CB&T: What is the biggest challenge of owning a company?

CC: Owning your own business is challenging no matter what field you decide to go into. It requires extensive personal time, dedication and a consistent work ethic to achieve real results and success. Managing a strong and viable workforce is an area we consistently focus on; always looking for hard working folks with a strong work ethic and meticulous attention to detail.

Concrete Craft before the remodel

CB&T: What is the biggest reward that you have experienced in owning Concrete Craft?

CC: I started this business with the goal of building a strong, credible and productive business that could support a strong employee base. I focus largely on hiring veterans and find it rewarding to assist in their transition from military to civilian life.  My primary goal remains on building and strengthening enduring relationships with my customers. I get the greatest enjoyment and sense of pride when my customers are completely satisfied with our service. The biggest compliment is when a customer recommends me to a friend or family member or immediately considers us for their next home improvement project.

CB&T: How has establishing your location impacted your business? 

CC: I knew it would be a large investment in getting a store front location but certainly worth it. Our building significantly increased our credibility with our customers, clients and partners as a legitimate organization.  The showroom provides a one-stop shop where customers can get a true sense of texture, color, pattern, etc. when making significant decisions on their home improvement project.  We also have vendors routinely stop by to drop a card or seek our assistance or advice relating to their own projects.  We are proud to support our local businesses within the area as a good neighbor; contributing to our local economy.

Concrete Craft building
Concrete Craft after the remodel

CB&T: Was there anything from your military background that prepared you for owning your own business.  If so, what?

CC: It was clear to me that to succeed I needed to focus on the people that make the organization great, and that building and motivating cohesive teams would be a key ingredient to success.  During my military service, I gained a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills in managing small to large organizations, to include executive and organizational experience in planning, building and resourcing organizations from inception to certification.  I found that a daily focus on attention to details was essential when it impacted the welfare of my soldiers.  Clearly, a different dynamic in the concrete business, but many of the same principles apply when it comes to people, proper installs, products, communication and customer care to name a few.

CB&T: Anything else you’d like to add?

CC: I’m tremendously grateful for the hard work and efforts of the team at Central Bank & Trust for having faith in me as a small business owner and young entrepreneur. I appreciate having local business partners within the community willing to invest in small businesses and start-ups, which ultimately have a positive and lasting impact on the Colorado Spring’s economy.


Want to learn more about Concrete Craft? Visit their website, or stop by their show room at 3619 E Platte Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80909.

If you’re ready to expand your business, or get one off the ground, contact our team today.