The SSA Group (also known as KM Concessions) is a 50-year-old family business founded and based in Denver, CO. The SSA Group operates a suite of services including Concessions, Merchandise and Ticketing/Admissions for Cultural Attractions across the country, including local favorites like the Denver Zoo, the National Western Stock Show, History Colorado Center, Denver Merchandise Mart, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and Royal Gorge Bridge.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the SSA Group hard as events and attractions across the country were canceled and closed. Like so many other businesses in Colorado, the SSA Group needed a PPP loan to keep their business afloat and their employees paid.

Dave Steiner, longtime colleague and friend of Central Bank & Trust CEO, Scott Page was working with his clients, including the SSA Group, to find a bank that could effectively manage their PPP loan. “All of these clients had relationships with other financial institutions but were not able to apply with their current financial institution for a variety of reasons,” said Mr. Steiner.

Having worked with Scott over the past 20 years, Mr. Steiner was familiar with the high level of customer service that Scott’s clients have come to know, but he was still amazed by the level of service provided during such a hectic time. Mr. Steiner stated, “The service that Scott, Rick Koontz (Senior VP) and their team were able to bring to this process was outstanding.”

The technical expertise of the CB&T SBA team became an invaluable asset in completing the necessary forms and achieving unheard-of turnaround times of applicants’ submission to the bank and SBA Approval. “Several cases were approved in less than one day and in an exhibition of Outstanding Client Service, one company applied at 7:00 PM the night before funding ran out and was approved before 8:00 AM the following morning. They truly made a significant impact on these companies’ businesses,” said Mr. Steiner.

The Central Bank & Trust team worked around the clock to secure loans for Mr. Steiner’s clients, but the work wouldn’t have been possible without clients who were equally determined to complete the process.

For 50 years we have relied on bank partnerships to help us with seasonal cash needs, capital investment, generational transitions and strategic thinking.  Over the years our financial partners have included local community banks, regional banks and large national banks.  Today, the bankers we are closest to are the individuals that have been there for us during challenging business times like the one we are faced with today.

Scott Page, Rick Koontz, Todd Overley and the team at Central Bank & Trust have been incredible with their assistance through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) process.  I can’t think of many banks where the Senior Vice President of Commercial Banking and the Senior Credit Officer would work until midnight in order to make sure their client’s company got approved for the loan.  Further, it is unique to find a CEO who would take a call from a customer at 8pm to talk through the process.  You can tell that these three truly value relationships.

 A bank partner can transform a cordial relationship into a deep friendship by assisting a customer during difficult times.  We tip our hat to the team at Central Bank & Trust for the way they quickly responded to our needs and helped the SSA Group manage these uncharted times.


Sean McNicholas, CEO, SSA Group


“Hearing positive feedback from our clients has been a huge reminder that the work we’re doing is helping the community we live in,” said Scott. As a local bank, we’re here to ensure that there’s a community to get back to once this pandemic has passed. We’re in this together, and we’ll get through this together.